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How to Identify The Real MMM SMS Notification


The MMM Ponzi Scheme have been busy with upgrades and making the MMM platform more user friendly to its participants. 

MMM just switched on the SMS notification for its participants. This SMS will be sent when a person make a PH request, make a GH request and when important changes is to be done to the account. 

But, there will always be fake notification from fraudsters to get account details and steal from naive participants. So to avoid that we here at Moneyrated have taken time out to let our visitors know how to recognize the real MMM SMS notification. Please carefully read the text below


*Pls get used to this*

Sender is usually *Code*.

When you request to PH and you get a message from *Code*, it’s from MMM Nigeria. 

The message reads thus:

*You have got a new order, please provide help*

Also when your GH has been paid and POP uploaded, you will get this message. 
*You have got a paid order, please confirm.*

But note that scammers may want to take advantage of that.
MMM won’t request for your login details. Be smart. 


Always remember that any real message from MMM won’t ask for your log in details. Like your email or password. MMM have the best interests of its participants at heart but we can’t take away the fact that there are also persons who would also want to crumble the system. 

If you have received SMS notification different from the one above please indicate via your comment below.



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