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What People Think About MMM


MMM started pairing huge mavros, but what they paired was just about 0.5% of all the huge mavros lined up to be paired. The ultimate question still remains how will MMM pay all these huge mavros aquired from the previous year? Well an expert in ponzi schemes tells us what she thinks is the right course of action. Is her advice good for the scheme, well we let you be the Judge of that. Meet Miss Ann a final year student and an expert when it comes to Ponzi schemes.

Question: Madam Please as a Ponzi Scheme expert, do you think the MMM system will get back to normal?

Expert: Yes, i can see it coming back to normal

Question: Can you give us reasons for your answer above?

Expert: Well there is one way to know that a ponzi scheme is out of business “ its site shuts down”. But that is not the case with the mmm platform, infact the mmm platform is working you can see the visible changes in the platform and I think whatever mmm is doing is for the greater good of its participants.

Question: Can you please tell us or enlighten us on some of these changes?

Expert: Funny, you are a blogger, you should know more about these changes already because these changes have been in effect for the past weeks. If you don’t know about these changes then you are an out dated blogger, my advice for you will be “Stop Blogging”.

for the Full details of all the changes and upgrade made by MMM during the froze mode please read

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Question: If you were an Admin, how will you propose the system come back to normal?

Expert: Well I will go with the PH to GH format; this will speed up the recovery of the system.

Question: Can you give us reasons for your response above?

Expert: I have studied the MMM platform and it is like a banking system, more like a fixed deposit system. There is one thing banks do when they are short of money to pay their customers, they pause withdrawal and focus mainly on deposit. Once there is enough deposit then the withdrawal process can then start again. I think that is what the MMM system needs now, PH to GH because once there is enough PH in the system, the GH process can then kick off and you will see the ball rolling.

Question: Do you think the MMMponzi scheme is wrong for not introducing forth the PH and GH format?

Expert: Well, for one thing there have been persons (Admins) who looked after the system for the past one year and I know they are still alive. My point is, these individuals know what is right for the system and if they can keep a system from crashing for the past one year then the participants should also trust them to keep the system from crashing now.

Question: One more question please, Will you encourage your family member to join MMM now, seen its present state and also knowing there are other schemes that pay higher and are very active?

Expert: Show me a business that have not passed through hard times and I will tell him/her to his/her face that he/she is a liar. Every ponzi scheme have that moment when they will be down and if they get past this time they always come back stronger. To say the truth ponzi schemes are uncertain, you participate at your own risk. So to answer your question, I won’t encourage or advice anyone to join any ponzi scheme but if anyone decides to join, the risk is his own to bear.

Question: Thank you Madam for your time

Expert: Welcome.

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