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See All Important MMM Nigeria Upgrades During Pause Mode That Made it Better



The MMM platform is gradually getting back to its normal self as it starts the pairing of huge Mavros approximately twenty four hours ago (24hours). But there have been some visible changes in the MMM platform, learn about these new changes and know how best you can benefit from making use of these changes.

The Promo Tasks Button: The function of this button is to help promote the mmm platform across social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, WhatsApp etc. note that there is no penalty attached to individuals who fails to perform the promo task but it is advisable that every once in w while any participant should participate in promoting this wonderful platform that has been enriching Nigerians for the past one year.

The Change Of Guider: A participant can now change his/her guider. This means that if you don’t like your guider you can change any other guider you prefer. This is very important as most guiders don’t even know their downlines, so if you have a friend, a brother, cousin, uncle or aunt that is guider you can easily switch to such ones and this will make the PH and GH process more faster as a guider can easily reach his/her downline if there is any complication. 
Please note that it is not advisable that you change your guider every now and then and also don’t let anyone sweet talk you into making him/her your guider. Choose a guider that you know will deliver for you.

The SMS-Code Verification: Among the many changes made by the MMM platform is the SMS-Code verification. This measure is taken to ensure that all mmm transactions are secure. For someone to complete an mmm transaction process now, and SMS will be sent to the registered phone number for that account and this Code will only valid for ten minutes after which it is useless.
It is very important to note that if you have not verified your MMM phone number, please try and verify the number and also if you want to make a transaction on behalf of a friend or relative, try and get in touch to get the SMS-code from them else you will be stock with the transaction.

The Call Center: Not to be forgotten is the MMM call center number that is active and it is also toll free. To read and know more about the mmm call center number please read the post

The ultimate question still remains, how will MMM pay off the huge Mavros that was accumulated from 2016? Well as event unfolds we shall get new updates. MMM started the pairing of huge Mavros this week, the criteria for this GH orders is not yet known but we think its will take the format of PH to GH.


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