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MMM Nigeria starts pairing of Huge Mavros Today. Paired Participants With Amount of Money One Hundred Thousand and above

It’s been observed that time and again the MMM platform has urged its participants to be patient with them. Well it seems their patient is about to pay as MMM starts pairing of Huge Mavros. A screenshot from PO of some persons paired shows that MMM is gradually getting back to its feet. 

Below are some pictures that shows latest MMM pairing and the amount paired. 

From the above picture, one can observe that a participant was paired to pay one hundred and twenty three thousand naira to another participant. This is a huge boost to the former fifty six thousand naira that was been paired as at last week. 

From the above, one hundred and one thousand and four hundred and sixty four thousand were paired to be paid. For the amount that was paired today, it shows that the system is getting back to normal. 

The above is another transaction that is screenshot and it is also a transaction that is above one hundred thousand naira. 

MMM is here to stay to stay and with the recent upgrades in the platform, MMM is going to be more user friendly when it finally get backs to its feet. 


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