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MMM Nigeria Releases All New Mavros But Place Restrictions on Aquired Mavros From Old Mavros


MMM just post a news update on their website, and this news just confirm that MMM resumes it’s normal activities but. MMM have release all 2017 Mavros but placed 2016 Mavros under restriction. 

This means that old participants can’t GH their money, but new members for 2017 can PH and GH below is the news from their website

Dear members,
MMM Nigeria lifts all the limits for Mavro, acquired in 2017. So, MMM Nigeria is coming back to normal. And now the members can actively develop the Community and create new requests to provide help. 
For these requests orders will soon arrive, and after Mavro’s confirmation it will be possible to withdraw these Mavro without any restrictions or limits! Only Mavros acquired in 2016 remain under restriction. 
But we are actively working on new measures to make it possible for the members to withdraw Mavro-2016 in a larger amount without undermining the sustainability of the Community.   
In the folder (see the link below) we have collected the screenshots of Personal Offices of members who received orders for their GH requests: 
Spread the screenshots via chats, social media and messengers. Let everyone know that MMM Nigeria is working. Every Nigerian should be aware that MMM is functioning well. It is very important! 
Now everything depends on you, on your activity as members and guiders. MMM offers the people a platform for help exchange. And the members should turn this idea of mutual help into reality. 
So, now it is time to create PH requests (amount does not matter, try to provide help for small amount and you will see that MMM is working)! It is time to invite new people to MMM! These days we have to be more active than ever before. It is high time to work hard! We have to show everyone the real power of MMM ideas and values. 
MMM Nigeria will overcome! 
Together We Change the World!

The above suggests that MMM Participants help promote the new of MMM coming back to normal. So as MMM resumes, it’s participants have roles to play in speeding the system recovery.  


  1. Please,I obliged when I was matched to people 200k what is this restriction all about? Please, I need my money back I have never for one comment on anything people are saying about mmm but with this am heart broken. Pls I need my money without the interest please.

  2. I think mmm still remains the best scheme out there. unlike others that the site have crashed but look at mmm they are back fully. to me we Av no choice but support this idea of theirs. mmm will pay all the 2016 mavro but it's going to be a gradual process. so my advice to u is to PH no matter how small. remember that the earlier u PH the earlier the 30days start to count.


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