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MMM Nigeria Flash Update: MMM Brings New Provide Help Interface While Old Mavros Still in Froze Mode


MMM Participants have been anticipating the release of 2016 Mavros, but it seems that is still far from happening as MMM releases new update and it is not about the release of the old mavros but surprisingly about the new Provide Help interface. 

According to the news, MMM Participants now have to enjoy the beauty of Providing Help in style and also in an easy way. Well to say the truth, this is not the update most MMM Participants are waiting for but this also shows that the MMM Ponzi Scheme is fully active. Below is what the news said:

Dear participants! We have updated the Provide Help interface in the Personal Office, and now participation in MMM has become even nicer and easier.
  • Provide Help bugs are fixed;
  • the interface design has a new look and new options;
  • useful tips and new information are added;
  • you can Provide Help in a few clicks;
  • The PH form has become much easier-to-use and more ergonomic. It has a single window view  and requires no captcha solved.
We hope that the new PH interface will  please you and will make your participation in the system easier and more comfortable!
Sincerely yours,

MMM Administration!

From the above, MMM is not saying anything about Get Help yet, reasons still unknown. But one can be sure that the Ponzi Scheme is upgrading almost everyday and all its participants can Hope and patiently wait for what we term as “The Pay Day”. 


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