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The SMS Code Verification Latest MMM Feature

MMM Nigeria platform releases Mavro since January 13th but the system have been far from normal. The truth is that this have left many of its participants loose a measure of faith and truth in the system. 
The echoed new model is yet to be implemented though there have been visible signs of changes in the platform. The site have now have some features that were usually not there as last year.
While MMM Participants Awaits the new Model, the platform is improving everyday and all its changes so far can be seen as beneficial for its participants. The latest MMM site upgrade is regarding code verification that lasts for only ten minutes when a participant wants to GH.
This is to ensure that the real owner of the account is the one making this request. Below is exactly the notification that the MMM platform gives when you want to GH 

Attention if you are a Guider and placing a request for your participant, be aware that SMS-code are valid for only ten minutes and will come only to your participants phone number. You will have to contact the participant to get the SMS-code. If the present moment is not convenient for the participant please click CANCEL. 

 The above means that there will now be an SMS verification code like the one Google or Yahoo sends when you about to open a new email. Without these codes one won’t be able to GH. 
So if you don’t have an active number as an MMM Participant, please go and update your phone number to be able to GH once the GH order is open. 
What do you think about this new MMM feature, leave your opinion via your comment below. 


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