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Friday, 3 February 2017

Lists of Ponzi Schemes that are currently Active and Paying 2017

The last quarter of the year 2016 was filled with trends of Ponzi Schemes. MMM became very dominant among these Ponzi schemes. 2017 is no different from the previous year. Below is a list of Ponzi Schemes in the year 2017.

1. Pay donor
2. O give
3. Samapay
4. Money box
5. Joyful donor
6. Quick money
7. Helping community
9. Help forum
10. Nairapayout
11. Greenspeer
12. Help community
13. Spring cash
14. Cashblaze
15. Our social wallet
16. Kaynation
17. Divine fund
18. Double Cash
19. Waxpress
20. Fund Niche
21. Paycycler
22. Peer to peer
23. Thriftonweb
24. Paymepayyou
25. Oil pot exchange
26. All the 24h and 48h
Whatsapp ph and 
27. Ultimate cycle
28. Help2get
31.nairapropeller.e t c

All the mention Ponzi schemes above have dot com extension. So to visit their official website just add dot com.

If you have an account in any of the Ponzi scheme above, you can drop your referral link below via your comment. 

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