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Top 6 most Funny MMM Nigeria January 14 Related Pictures You Don’t Want to miss very Funny Pictures

MMM has been trending in  Nigeria as the date for its expected to Unfroze Mavros draws near. While waiting for this date January 14th, there have been lots of pictures that floods the Internet about the MMM resumption and these pictures will make you laugh. Below are top six selected picture by Moneyrated to share with you guys. 

1. Lol this picture depicts family and friends taking a Selfie after they got their MMM bank alert. One can say that MMM Participants won’t literally use this to take Selfie but there is going to be selfies that will flood the Internet about how MMM has done it for persons and these picture of course will only suffice if MMM stay true to the Unfroze date. 

2. Hahahahaha I don’t know if you are laughing already but this second picture shows the Dress code for MMM Participants after they get their MMM bank alert. 

Yeah we all know it won’t be this kind of dress but most of MMM Participants will definitely get new dress when they get alert. 

3. This picture shows how some do the MMM Participants will show off when they finally get their bank alert. These show off will be directed especially towards MMM haters and friends and family who mock then during the Froze period. 

4. It’s the classy dance that will make persons envy MMM Participants. This picture shows how MMM Participants will spend money in style, make visible changes that will make others jealous not only the participants but also the Ponzi scheme as well. 

5. The official MMM celebration. As funny as this picture looks, MMM Participants will definitely celebrate loud and wild when they get their bank alert. 

6. They say save the best for last. Now I don’t what this guy is thinking but he definitely has gone to and herbalist to ensure safe return of his MMM money.. 

Hahahahahaha funny as the picture looks but MMM participants needs assurance for the returns of their money (some would say investment but MMM recognizes it as a Donation) 

One advice for non MMM participants, stay close to an MMM Participants come January 14, as they may most likely spend money out of excitement of receiving their money and you might just eat free food and drink free wine courtesy of MMM…. 


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