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Three Wise Things To do as MMM Nigeria releases Mavros. 1 Don’t Be in Rush To GH


The long awaited MMM is back and fully operational, as it has been foreseen many of its participants are in a rush to GH. But as a counter measure, MMM have decided to release the GH in batches. 

While most participants are busy trying to get their money back in a hurry, there is a wise course of action that is escaping the notice of many. Below are some of the good reasons why any MMM Participants should be in haste to GH. 

1. The Growing Mavros: The fact is that MMM is back and if you leave your Mavro for couple more days, you will still GH but then you might have an additional Mavro accredited to your account.

 It has been observed that for any money above one hundred and fifty thousand, every Tuesdays MMM accredit ten thousand naira to that account. This actually means that if you leave your Mavro to grow till Tuesday you will be accredited extra ten thousand naira so tell me when ten thousand naira is involved? 

2. The System Needs to Settle: Now there is a rush to the system, which means that the system is not settled. Everyone wants to GH but after this period of rush, there will come a time where everyone who has GH will PH then there will be enough PH to go round. 

3. Account Details: The simple truth still remains that most persons that in a rush to GH now might make mistake as regard to their personal Office (PO)  and this will lead to MMM CRO getting to settle problems. But if you should take your time and GH later, everything will be intact and you won’t have to go through many problems for you account. 

MMM has proven that they are here to stay, at least for 2017 they are going no where. If you klmissed the article about the latest changes made to the MMM platform please read the article below


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