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Take The Risk of Investing In MMM and Grow Your Money 30% Monthly

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But the most trusted and populated of these schemes is the MMM platform. This plarform help you grow your money by 30% every 30 days. You can join using someone referral link and if you are interested in knowing more about the MMM platform, indicate via your comment below and we will send you a link to join WhatsApp group for details. 

Ponzi schemes are gaining popularity in 2017. Ponzi schemes have been in existence since 2008 but came to spotlight in Nigeria when MMM surfaced in the last quarter of the year 2016. Since then other Ponzi schemes have been seen as copy or imitation of MMM. 

The oldest Ponzi scheme in Nigeria still remains the Helping Hands Organization. They have been existence even before MMM, though this Ponzi scheme is pyramid in nature. 

Ponzi schemes have a record of paying for sometime then stop working. This means that at some point in time, Ponzi schemes will crash and this leads to loss of money by its participants. It has also been observed that at some point some persons commit suicide as they invest huge amounts of borrowed money into these schemes. 

For the records also, media and news have never helped promote Ponzi schemes. They have always in a way or two bring news and updates that discredit these platforms. So the next time you read an article about any Ponzi scheme that speaks abusively about such scheme don’t be alarmed it’s the way of the media. 

Ponzi schemes are much and most are paying its participants now but there is no guarantee they won’t crash the next day. So be wise and play safe, use extra money to participate in these schemes.


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