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Why MMM Nigeria Survived Political, Media, Human and Religious Attacks in Nigeria


Many people have been against MMM Nigeria in recent times. To say the truth, MMM has come under Political Opposition, Media Opposition, Human Opposition and even Religious Opposition but MMM Nigeria still stands tall among other Ponzi schemes. Below are reasons why MMM have been able to stand the test and is promising a brighter future for all its Participants. 

1. SINCERITY: The MMM Nigeria platform has be so sincere with its intention and its motives. Unlike other Ponzi schemes that attracts participants with lies, the MMM scheme is different. Infact it is clearly stated in the MMM rules and regulations what their intentions are and if you (participant)  should void one of these rules, you will suffer for it. 

2. RULES AND REGULATIONS: If the ground work of any organization is not stable, then the entire organization will not be stable too. This is true of MMM platform, it has its rules and regulations and there is a penalty attached for breaking these rules. It includes, Moratorium, Temporary blocking of accounts and in some cases permanent blocking of accounts. 

3. ACTIVE ADMINS: The MMM Admins are active and they show these by the recent development they have made with the Ponzi schemes. They have implemented a Call center number for MMM Nigeria and also implemented a new PROMO TASKS button in the PO of its participants. 

4. MMM IDEOLOGY: The MMM ideology is simple, “Help each other through mutual donation”. And in doing this, it is specifically stated in the MMM platform that participants should participate with spare money. This ideology is different from other Ponzi schemes and this alone makes MMM stands out as different from other Ponzi schemes be it a Pyramid scheme or not. 

5. GREED: If there is one thing that the MMM Ponzi scheme discourages then it’s GREED. The system is designed in such a way that it discourages GREED. Unlike Pyramid schemes that uses the money of the downlines to pay the uplines, MMM is like bank that allows customers to put their money in fixed deposit account and then get a percentage as a profit. 

This means that, downlines or not you can still earn from the MMM Ponzi scheme. Other Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes to be precise, survive off new participants been introduced into the system. 

Some in all, MMM still remains the king of other Ponzi schemes and come January 14 2017 it’s participants will be smiling to the bank, some  will Smile by merely looking at their bank alert. 


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