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MMM Nigeria Release Batch of Massive Payment of Money


MMM has released massive pairing order within the Last three days. This is a good sign that the platform is becoming healthy with each passing day. As for the new Model been released, a source said that all participants should await a news from their PO (Personal Office) come next week. 

The problem of maximum withdrawal is still not settled as MMM set limits of withdrawal to Thirty one thousand naira. Maybe the expected news will explain what is to be done as it is observed that MMM has been paying off smaller amount of GH (money between one thousand to fifty five thousand naira only).

The rules of fake pop (proof of payment) and default to make payment have also become rigid,as failure to make payment lead straight to been blocked and in most cases permanently. This means that all previous donations lost. 

So it is advisable that as MMM is getting back on its feet, participants should be careful as to PH and GH because anyone found wanting in any area will be severely dealt with. 

A new week starts in few hours time, let’s wait and see what MMM have stock for its participants and let’s see how it will bring smiles to the faces of Nigerians again. Long Live MMM. Please share your thoughts and views via your comment below. 


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