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MMM Now Blocking Guiders Promoting Other Schemes


It has been observed that since MMM has been in Froze mode and is experiencing some problems, some members and even Guiders have resort to join other Ponzi schemes. 

Well joining other Ponzi schemes and promoting those platforms is a matter of choice for individuals but not for the MMM Admin. There has been some changes as to this from the MMM scheme. 

According to a secure source, the MMM scheme now have a channel to report those participants or Guiders who are in another Ponzi scheme or promoting other Ponzi schemes. And these persons will be blocked from using MMM permanently.

To report a participant or Guiders kindly follow the like below and fill the form 


MMM is getting serious by the day first they introduced call center, second was the introduction of Bitcoin then change of Guider button now the removal of any MMM unfaithful. 

Please note that you should not report a guider under false accusations. Help in making the MMM platform fit for only serious participants.

Tell us what you think about this new change via your comment below. 


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