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MMM Nigeria faces New Crisis Just Few Days After Release Of Frozen Mavros


There have been some recent developments in the MMM platform. As to if these changes are good or bad, well it is left for each person to speak for themselves. 

But the fact is that these changes have been creating panics among MMM participants already. Below are the two major changes in the MMM platform after its Mavros were unfrozen on January 13.

1. Denial Of GH for Large Amount: Although the Mavros have been Unfrozen, but GH is also limited to persons with smaller amount of withdrawal. For example, recent issues shows that GH of Mavros above One Hundred and Fifty Thousand are either not allowed or canceled by the Admin.

 What do you think about this, is it going to help the system or not. Well, we don’t know what MMM have in mind but this have got most of its participants murmuring and its not good for this mutual donation system. 

2. PH before Allowed To GH: it was noticed that to GH now, one has to PH. Well this is against what was normally believed, as there were information on circulation that MMM have enough PH to take care of the GH rush come January 14 but it seems reverse is now the case and this has got most of its participants complaining as they claim that their spare money is inside the system and they can’t PH if they can’t GH. 

3. Hidden GH orders: The third change so far in the MMM platform is the hidden GH orders. Persons who GH can no longer find their order in the Personal Office because it is hidden and according to MMM this is done to prevent canceling GH orders. 

For whatever reasons that is making MMM have all these problems are uncertain, but keep in mind that day in day out more Ponzi schemes are coming into the Ponzi scheme competition. 

And if MMM is giving room for doubts from its participants, then I think there is going to be a problem as most participants might just look for any easy solution to recover their money via any other Ponzi scheme available and MMM might just be left behind. 


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