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MMM Nigeria Countdown To January 14th: Lessons Every Participants Should Learn ‘Use Only Your Spare Money’


Avoid Breaking the rules and regulations, heed to the Terms and conditions.

Only Use your spare money as it is well stated on your PO “donate spare money and do not put all your money”

It has come to notice that many persons who are panicking during this one month of freezing are those who did not donate their spare money.

Don’t borrow money to participate in MMM. If you don’t have spare then wait till you have.

Don’t also put all your money in MMM, remember  “spare money”

If you love MMM you will obey the rules and regulations. And MMM will be for all and here to stay.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: If the ground work of any organization is not stable, then the entire organization will not be stable too. This is true of MMM platform, it has its rules and regulations and there is a penalty attached for breaking these rules. It includes, Moratorium, Temporary blocking of accounts and in some cases permanent blocking of accounts.

The participants of MMM Nigeria have their eyes fixed on one date and one date only January 14 and it can be said that this might just be the most important date for them in the early quarter for the year.

While most persons are awaiting the releas  for Mavro, it is very important to keep in the mind the above. There have been lots of activities going on in the MMM Website. For list of changes that have been made read please read the article

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