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Monday, 23 January 2017

Day Ten After Mavro Release And MMM Nigeria Crisis Continues. MMM System Abnormal as GH is Restricted

It's approximately Ten days since MMM releases Mavros of its participants in Nigeria. And they have manage to pay about 30% of its participants. According to the news from the site, MMM will start payment from the least amount of Mavros GH. This has not been good for the system as it has made persons with huge money skeptical about the system. 

Over the past weeks, there have been panics among MMM participants. Even in their social media platforms, participants have shown how disappointed they are with the system. Some have complain to support, wrote to CRO others have even called the MMM support line for answers. 

Time and again the answers they get is "the system is under upgrade"  and MMM have also denied that person's must PH before been able to GH. Will MMM come back to normal? Will it regain the trust and support of its members? Will there still be any participants left in the scheme when MMM is finally done with its upgrade? 

The questions goes on and on and no one can give a satisfying answer now. But time they say will tell and revealed the truth. The simple truth still remains that no one knows what to expect from the system. But anybody who is into the scheme should know that it was risk taking and so they should be able to cope with the loss if it comes down to that. 

Note: similar issues have happened in Zimbabwe and South Africa and today the MMM platform in these countries are still operating. Will Nigeria MMM be any different? We just have to wait and see.

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