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Avoid Moratorium and Blocking of Account MMM Nigeria Guiders Warned As MMM set To Release Mavros in Less Than 24 Hours

Its some few hours before the propose day for the unfroze of frozen Mavros in the Nigeria MMM. The fact still remain that no one can tell how the Mavros will be released or when exactly the Mavros will be released but the fact still remain that not everyone can Get Help (GH). The major fear for the Nigeria MMM participants still remains the money they will be paid with. with the huge flood of Get Help that is lined up for the MMM system to handle, MMM participants can only pray then system is strong enough to hold this propose site traffic.
There are other reasons to be afraid as MMM is set to unfroze Mavros below are what participants should take note of

1. Changing Of Password: Participants should avoid changing password as this can lead to been placed in moratorium by MMM CRO and believe me, you do not want to be  placed in moratorium as this will make you use your eyes to see other participants withdrawing their money while you just watch in silence after having to wait for extra thirty days. moratorium usually takes 14-16 days before the CRO will life the moratorium, so been placed in moratorium means waiting for another 14 or 16 days to get your money.

2. Changing Of Bank Account Details: This also leads straight to moratorium.

3. Multiple Accounts: The issue of multiple accounts has been a major concern in the MMM platform. latest information from the MMM platform suggests that there is a possibility permanent blocking from the MMM platform. meaning one can no longer participate in the system and that will also mean loss of invested money. we can not say for sure if multiple account warrant permanent blocking but just to be on the safe side come January 14, avoid having multiple account.

4. Prepare Your PH: If you already PH in your PO(Personal Office) ensure that the money is ready. because issues of fake pop is said to be tackled by the new model that is said to be implemented come January 14. And if the money for your PH is no longer available it is advisable that you cancel that order now.

Is MMM coming back to its full strength in January 14? we don’t know for sure but January 14 is just around the corner, i guess we just have to wait and see.


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