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Updating Your Bank Account Details MMM Nigeria related: Complete Solution To Bank Account Details to Avoid Been Placed in Monatorium in MMM


Many MMM participants are facing the problems of been placed in monatorium by the support team of MMM just because they make change with regards to their bank account details. But there is a simple and more effective way to go about the account details to avoid been placed in monatorium by the MMM support team. First there are valid reasons why one would like to change his/her account details in his/her Personal Office (PO).

1.       Dormant Account: Some account numbers are dormant in the bank and for this reason they can accept money but the owner will pass through many difficulties claiming this money. To avoid this, many participants make changes to a valid and active account details. But this change usually result to been placed in monatorium by MMM support team.

2.       Limited Account: I have tried opening a savings bank account in Union Bank Plc and the customer service told me about a savings account that can only accept twenty thousand naira per transaction and also a maximum transaction of one hundred thousand naira per day, and that this type of savings account can only save five hundred thousand naira. 
      Now imagine an MMM participant who have invested five hundred thousand and is to get help of about six hundred and fifty thousand naira. So it’s obvious that the participant cannot use this type of savings account hence he/she needs a new bank account. But making this change will place his/her MMM account in moratorium by support.

 Incomplet Account Details: After registration, most MMM participants recognize that they have either provided a wrong account details or the account details provided is not complete hence they need to make changes to rectify these mistakes. But making such changes comes with the penalty of been placed under moratorium (Temporal suspension of MMM account).

The good news is that, there is a simple and permanent solution to making changes as regard your MMM account details without been placed in moratorium by MMM support team. Instead of making a complete change to your account details, the MMM platform provide an option of adding a new bank account details. Just follow the step by step procedures below and you will just see how it works.

1.       First, Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO) and at the top you will see buttons like the “Dashboard, My Page, Mavro and Account”

2.       Step two click on Account, wait for the Account page to load and you will see page that looks like the one below. You will see “ADD, EDIT and DELETE”.

3.       Step three click on “ADD” this will let you add a new account details.

NOTE: if you already saved a bank account details your bank account option will become two.

The next challenge will be when you are trying to get help but don’t worry it’s not a big challenge, all you need do is just select your desired account that you wish to use for your transaction and you are good to go. For a more practical and live view on how to go about additional account in your MMM personal office watch the video below.

With the above method, one can change account details without been placed on moratorium by MMM support team. If this help or you have problems just drop your comment below or contact us via any of our social media platforms.


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