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Old Woman Plans to Use MMM Nigeria Money to Send Her Child to the University even though it is Frozen


Amidst the  recent Panics spread by media in Nigeria about MMM crashing, the MMM participants in Nigeria have been holding up strong encourage another to continue Phing (provide help) come January 2017. It is the belief of the MMM participants that the MMM platform is coming Bigger, Better and stronger in January 2017.

Some of the participants have been telling encouraging stories about users that have inspired them. Below is a screenshot of a story Mrs Adijat Abodunrin (aka Mummy Taofeek) from an MMM WhatsApp group

The wonderful and motivating story of Mummy Taofeek is written below please read carefully

Wow !! What a spirit……. Can’t hold back the tears…
 I have a middle age widow in my downline who only joined this great platform MMM this year October.She’s just a petty trader on our street with about capital base of #20,000 only.She sells things like sweet, biscuits,sugar,groundnut,bread  etc in a very small quos. I was going to drop off my daughter in school that faithful morning before heading to office. I stopped as usual in front of her that morning to get sweet and biscuits for my daughter as part of the daily routine before going to school. As i was about to move after she had handed over the goodies and my balance She said, “Oga, mo de fe riyin o” (Sir, I will like to see you) – Like normal Yoruba uneducated woman.  I said oh really. So i stopped the car, got down (as a sign of respect to an elderly woman) to pay attention. I was so curious because we never had relationship even when we leave on the same street. She said….  I heard that you can help me register for this MMM. One of my friend is a participant and she said i can make some more money than i make in this my place. But i don’t know how to go about it, but i heard from Ilesanmi (Ilesanmi also leaves in our street, although he didn’t register when i told him about MMM believing is a scam) yesterday when he came to buy something, that you can do it for me. (She was speaking in Yoruba though). .. Sincerely i didn’t know what to say because 1, how much is she making that she want to invest in mmm? 2.I was so sure she can’t has a Bank Account let alone an Email address….I smiled . So I asked do you has a bank account, she replied no, but that she has a passport photograph if in case i will need it.  I laughed. So in other not to waste my time i said i will see her when i come back latter in the evening. As i was about to open the car, she said ” Ah !! E duro” (Wait)  as she quickly dished her hand into one Milo container and handed over to me some money. She said, that’s 10k, hold it because i might spend it before you come back. I was confused…. Well i counted it perhaps it was 10k. Immediately I concluded the woman mean business and really want to invest in MMM despite her little knowledge about the scheme and even her little income. So i decided to assist her in any way i could.I collected her phone No and left. So on getting to office that day, I helped her opened a mail address, i called her to ask for her full name, i used her name as the First name, put her No in, but i would have to use one of my bank details so that i can run the account for her….. I registered her through me and PHed 10. She was so happy and appreciative when i told her.  After 26days  her mavro was due for collection, i helped her cash it out and i added the referral bonus i supposed to earn through her….. She was like, Ah…. Eh, in 3 weeks…. Na so e dey be.  She was so happy.  
What surprised me about her was that, as i wanted to hand over the money, (21k) She said no ooo.  That how much is it, i said 21k…. She said pls give me the 1k and help me do another 20k. I was so touched that she could reason like that. But I immediately explained some little things to her so dat she won’t be expecting double next time which she understand.
 Due to her determination of mind and gestures towards me since that time, i vowed i will assist this woman. So When i wanted to PH for her,  i added 10k and so i PHed 30k for her. And since then any new comer that I want to register but below 110k i will register under her so that she can collect the referral bonus.(Although i didn’t inform her about it because i wanted to surprise her) 
 So I already told her when i was coming from the church on Sunday that she will get some money this week because her mavro is due for collection  together with some bonuses i referred (As shown on her Mavro) .But unfortunately or fortunately their was a mavro frozen on Wednesday morning. As i was coming from work on Wednesday, i pulled over from her side to explain things to her.
     Now this is where am going …….
Like seriously i was expecting her to feel somehow because my thought was that she will definitely be thinking i duped or scammed her. To my surprise, she said no problem since they will still come back by January that somebody also told her about it. And that even if they left with her money that is not my fault. And that she was even so happy i could even attempt to help her register. That she was not expecting i could pay her attention let alone helping her to do it because the way she used to see me like someone with pride on the street. That i don’t talk to people, that i only greet i drive off… (I smiled)  She then asked that can we trust them ? I assured her Yes, and the they are only trying to make MMM grow better. That people that are GHing are becoming more enormous as against the people that are PHing.( I have to come to her level so she could understand) . So i told her that we are asked to have more PH so that the scheme will not crash. She then asked me another question…  So have you pay in another. I replied yes, that although I and even including my wife have much more money in our mavro that are due but we have to PH again to sustain the system…. She said ok no problem.  We said bye bye and i drove off.. 
 To my utmost surprise, this woman came to our house like an hour after we departed. She knock the gate and i opened for her….. She stressed forth her hand and said……..  “Daddy baby, this is my own #20,000. Help me to add it to my own too so that the system will not crash.I dont want MMM to go because it can help me grow my business so that i can send Taofeek to University” ……
     Immediately she left, i was shaking and it took me like 5 to 6mins to close the gate. Emotionally,  i don’t know when tears started rolling my chicks. 
    I have helped her PHed the 20k 
      If an illiterate woman could reason to do this i think we should all do the right thing to make MMM Nigeria remain forever. Not even for your self now, but for a determined widow like Mrs Adijat Abodunrin (Mummy Taofeek) 
    Long Live MMM Nigeria….. Together we Change the world.

Are you motivated by this story?

Well it seems the MMM participants are not letting go off their platform and they are still going to stick to MMM come January 2017.


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