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MMM Nigeria Scam Alert: Making Money and Securing Your MMM Account from Fraudsters


Right from day one MMM guiders have sound the warning of MMM users using search engines like Google, Bing or the Yahoo search engines to log into their Personal Office (PO). Reason is very simple, there are many fishery website out there that look exactly like the real deal but are just there to get your log in details like email and password. So the guiders have always said to log into the official office website www.mmmoffice.com or the Nigeria website www.mmm-nigeria.netthese links are the only secure link for MMM participants.

Amid the many threats that the Nigeria MMM has to face recently, including causing panic to the MMM community and using fear as a weapon to try and scatter this community, calling the system a fraud and using the Nigeria Federal government to scare the participants, there are other things that the MMM participants need to be aware and beware of.

It is recently discovered that there are sites that have similar designs with the MMM official office platform. But unlike the official www.mmmoffice.com, it is mmm0ffice (mmm zeroffice). It is believed that the sole purpose of sites like these is to get users log in details and use these stolen details to log into their P.O (personal office).

So the general advice from MMM guiders is that there is a support tab or key in the mmmoffice platform that allows you to communicate with the support team of MMM and report that your account has been hacked. Another percussion that can also be of benefit is for the MMM participant to change his or her log in password.

It is also good for MMM participants to know that there are MMM Apps in the Google play store, it is advisable not to download such Apps as MMM has not officially announced the use of any App. As at the time of writing this post, MMM still use the www.mmmoffice.com as the only secure platform to log into P.O (personal office).

For more details about the MMM scam alert and how to secure your account from fraudster as you are making some cool cash with MMM please watch the video below. 
The above video helps you to understand how the fraud website works like and the main difference between the websites and how you can secure your account from these fraudsters. Feel free to leave your opinion via your comment below.


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