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MMM Nigeria Participants Lifestyle that will Make You Join the Platform


Everyone have a lifestyle, be it you an American, A Chinese, Japanese, African, Civilized, Educated, Illiterate, Wise, Student or Teacher we all have a lifestyle. Celebrity have their own type of lifestyle, bloggers have theirs too and trust me MMM participants are not left out. MMM participants sure have a very different lifestyle that will leave you amazed. 

To business men every day counts as important, hence they always work to make things happen for them throughout the week days. But for MMM participants there are few days that really counts and trust me MMM participants love Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

If you have the habit of waking up every Tuesday and Thursday night by Approximately 1:00 am to check Mavro then you are a sure MMM participant. It has become the hobby of MMM participants to always wake up Tuesdays and Thursdays to flood the Internet while others are busy sleeping. No wonder the Bible rightly said “Where your Treasure is there your heart is also”. 

Another important lifestyle of MMM participants is the PH (Provide Help) and GH (Get Help) date. Infact they value this date compare to reading or preparing for exams. An MMM participant once said that “I might forget my exam date but can’t and won’t forget my PH date and GH date”, funny one might say but it’s true for most MMM participants. 

During the period of Frozen mavros, the only date that matters to MMM participants was January 14 2017.

Despite the media countless attacks at the MMM platform, somehow the media have only succeeded in doing something in reality, helping to spread the MMM platform to persons who have not even heard about this platform. 

If you have any of the MMM habit listed above just signify by leaving a comment below.

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