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Reminder: MMM Call Center Number Is Toll Free

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It’s the Festive period, Christmas still very fresh in the heads of many, anticipation for new year (2017) in view. Amidst all these, MMM participants have one date in mind,  January 14 2017 and believe me, their convinction in the bigger, better and stronger MMM 2017 just got stronger as MMM officially launches a call center and guess what,  it’s Toll Free. 

Toll free can also mean that the callers won’t be charged for calling the customer call center. That means that calling the customer call center will be free. Now if it works this way you have to give credit to the MMM platform because no platforms made provisions for this.

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This development means that the MMM platform is not closed or set down but are just working behind closed doors to make the platform better for its participants. And that the MMM platform also have the interest of its participants at heart and they work to make the system safe and easy for its participants. 

This new development also means a lot from the MMM participants,  for one thing it means the MMM platform is still very much active and secondly, it means the platform is really up to something interesting come January. 

This new measure will ensure that all MMM related questions are answered. It will be just like calling the customer care center of your mobile network service and they answer you and solve your problem, Woaw that’s gonna be cool. 

The news of the MMM call center appeared in the official website of MMM Nigeria two days ago. The number to call is 01 888 7960 please note that another number aside this one is fraud and you are advice not to call those other numbers. To verify the number you can go to the official website mmm-nigeria.net and get the number. 

Watch Live Demonstration Of MMM Call Center Number Test Above



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