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Mavrodi Sergei MMM. The Two Unknown Secrets about MMM That Makes it a Smart Scheme


MMM has been on the rise since it came to Nigeria, I believe this quick rise in its popularity has given lots of people concern. Some of these persons finds MMM intriguing but others are strictly against it. 

While these tussle is going on across most countries in the world, most persons involve in this tussle don’t even know two basic truth about MMM that is hidden. Please note that this post is just to state the obvious fact about MMM not to support or be against anyone.

The facts that is going to be point out in this post is strictly from personal observation and careful study of the MMM system. So just sit back, take a chilled glass of water, wine or whatever and get to know the MMM ideology better.

The First Reason: MMM The Virtual Banking System

       MMM is a Virtual Banking System: The first fact about MMM that most persons don’t know is that it is an online Virtual banking system. This means that MMM posses all the attributes of a banking system but it’s not literal (Physical). Normal Physical banking system follows procedures, let us try and break down these procedures.

a.       You open an account (savings, current etc)

b.   Deposit Money into the account and keep making transactions (Depositing and withdrawing) or you can just keep saving in turn the bank give interests (Though very little but they give interests)

A careful study of the MMM system shows that the MMM system is not very far from the banking system. For example, just like physical banking system, MMM participants have

a.       Their personal account that is refer to as PO (Personal Office), though unlike the physical banking system it is not specify if its Savings or current but the bottom line is they share “Account” as similarities.

b.      Next MMM participants also make transactions with their account they Deposit by Providing Help (known as PH) and they withdraw by Getting Help (known as GH). Like physical banks too, MMM also give interests for deposits and they give 30% for keeping your money in their virtual bank for 30days. This is where they have an upper hand over physical bank.

The Second Reason: MMM The Osusu Collection System

.   The second hidden fact is that it follows a model of what our parents, grand parent and even great-grand parent use to do back then in the days locally known as the “Osusu” (Osusu is a type of group created in some part of Nigeria where members contribute money to help each other. Today someone might get help from the group, tomorrow another different person might need help and the circle goes on). 

     So MMM is like a modern Osusu that is global where individuals can meet and help each other out and in turn get their help after 30days.

To say the truth the MMM ideology is brilliant anyone must agree but the ultimate question still remain “How the MMM owner/owners get their own money?”

Well that is going to be what our next post will be about but  before that post comes up you can tell us what you think about the MMM schemes and ideology via your comments below.


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