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Latest Popular Ponzi Schemes

Somewhere in 2008, there were lots of Ponzi schemes that people from all over the world would engage in for what they see as quick and easy money. But surprisingly all of these Ponzi schemes went low for a while leaving the most popular Helping Hands to dominant the Ponzi scheme scene.

Aproximately after some 8 years, the Ponzi scheme is on the rise again but this time with MMM, Ultimate Cycler, ICharity, Help2get, Helping Hands and many more dominanting the scene. While MMM is the Ponzi scheme that has gain popularity maybe because it has come under medical attacks more often than the others, there are other Ponzi schemes that promises more money. All you need to make money from these schematic the “the will to bear the risk”. Below are some Ponzi schemes and the ideology behind these schemes.

1. MMM: The Mavrodi Mondial Movement has gain popularity among the other Ponzi schemes with it simple but effective ideology of a community that contributes money to help one another. The MMM idea is simple, help someone today and someone else will help you tomorrow. While it is true that most people are afraid of this scheme, it is also true that this scheme has been paying many people in Nigeria for the past One year. To register in the MMM platform you can follow the secure link http://nigeria-mmm.net/?i=ayomikemarvellous@yahoo.com

2. Ultimate Cycler: Ultimate Cycler is Ponzi scheme but a Pyramid type of Ponzi scheme. Unlike MMM, to get your money from Ultimate Cycler, you have to first invest 12,500 Naira that is approximately 40USD. Then you will introduce four persons into the system using your referral link each of these persons will in turn pay 12,500 Naira too. And these your referalls will invite others and it goes on and on. It was recently carried by social media that Ultimate Cycler has crashed but according to the website they were doing an Upgrade of the system.

3. ICharity: ICharity follows same principles like Ultimate Cycler, though they are different platforms, ICharity is also a Pyramid type of Ponzi scheme. But unlike Ultimate Cycler, participants only invest 6,000 Naira approximately 20USD and it follow same trend of inviting other participants with your referal link.

4. Help2get: Another Ponzi scheme that is still on the rise is the Help2get Ponzi scheme. This is more like the MMM platform and it follows same rules except that the Help2get rules are rather strict and rigid when compared with the ones of MMM.

Conclusively, there are different types of Ponzi schemes, some follows the pattern of Pyramid others are like a community that he each other to make money. Whichever you decide to engage in, it is good to note that these schemes are risk taking as there is no guarantee that you will get your money back when they crash. And non of these Ponzi schemes is a recognized company, that is they are not registered with any government agency.


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