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MMM Nigeria Social Media Rules That You Don’t Want to Mess With Your Account is at Stake

Movroda Mondial Movement popularly known as MMM across most countries across the world has come to stay and bring some measure of reasonable change to the Life of individuals. But we all know that without rules things can easily get messy and trust me that is the last thing any MMM participants across the world wants.

There are rules that governs MMM, but we are going to start by sharing the MMM social media group rules. Below is the revised rule for MMM WHATSAPP groups across the world, while it might be just for WHATSAPP it also applies to any social media platform across the world.

The rules below are copied from one of the many MMM WHATSAPP group across Nigeria. while it is truth that the rule might be copied from a Nigerian WHATSAPP group, the rules can be applicable in other countries where there is MMM group and other MMM social media platforms.


MMM Whatzapp group rules (Revised)

Don’t advertise any other program in here. No warning for mistakes. It is straight removal from the group.

Don’t post religious stuffs in MMM groups!! We all have our personal beliefs. If you can’t keep it to yourself, please share to your personal whatzapp list. No warning for mistakes.It is straight removal from the MMM group.

 Don’t insult anyone in MMM group. Whether politely or impolitely. No warning for mistakes. It is straight removal from the group.

Well these are not cast in stone and it is not made to create fear in anyone!!

Its just a guide to maintain a level playing ground for all.

You can always keep the rules if you love MMM.


From the Rules above at least three things stands out

 1. Seriousness: MMM means business so the participants don’t want any external affairs/news like Political, religious beliefs, entertainment or sport news to take over the reason of creating MMM groups which is Helping each other understands MMM better.

2. One Mind: The rules above also make it very easy for all MMM participants to be focused and have one mind that is the MMM business. The MMM social media rules promote the atmosphere for all its participants to constantly have it in mind that they are in the group for one business and one business alone and that is MMM.

3. Respect: The MMM social media rules also make it clear that while they are busy making money they also respect each other regardless of background, religious belief etc.

Please note that the MMM rules are not meant to bring fear but to keep the MMM community focused on what they (those in the MMM community) view as important and that is various discussion about MMM and helping each other solve MMM related problems.

So if you are in any MMM social media related group be sure to keep to the rules above in mind. Also note that the rules does not apply to only MMM participants, it affects those who are not even an MMM participants. So if you can’t keep to those rules one advice please “Never visit an MMM social Media group or allow someone to add to that group” because you won’t even last an hour before been kicked out.


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