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10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About UBA Bank

UBA Bank

How long have you been banking with UBA bank Nigeria. What are the things you think you know about this wonderful bank. Well what if we show you 10 important facts you didn’t know about this bank. Well don’t worry too much Mntrends is going to tell you 10 facts about UBA bank Nigeria that you didn’t previously know. Ready to explore the bank, read on.

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  1. THE CHAIRMAN OF UBA BANK: The chairman of the bank is Tony Elumelu and he is a Nigerian economist. The name of his wife is Awele Vivian Elumelu.
  2. HEAD OFFICE OF UBA: UBA is the only bank in Nigeria that has its bank name as its head office address. The head office of UBA bank is UBA House, 57, Marina, P. O. Box 2406, Lagos. Did you notice the UBA HOUSE in the address, yeah UBA is the only bank in Nigeria to include that in its address.
  3. ATM CARD: With UBA bank you can now apply for your ATM card for as low as #550. More interesting is the fact that you don’t even need to own a UBA account before you get a debit card from UBA. That is cool right, yeah it is.
  4. BRANCH: UBA have about 750 branches in various Africa countries. They are most likely the leading Africa financial institution.
  5. COUNTRIES: UBA is present in about 21 countries. Of these 19 countries 19 are African countries and they also have connection in the North America(USA) and France.
  6. CUSTOMER: UBA bank have approximately 7 million customers and still counting. Only few banks can boost of these numbers of customers.
  7. CAMPUS AMBASSADORS: UBA have students that represent them in schools. This means that some students serves as ambassadors for UBA bank in their various schools.
  8. UBA BANKING APP: The UBA app supports more than sending and receiving money. It also allows you to pay for insurance and connect you to market place where you can invest.
  9. FASTEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: According to Facebook the response rate of UBA is within the hour. This means that with over 7 million customers to possibly respond to they respond to you very quickly.
  10. ZERO ACCOUNT BALANCE: Well this is one very important part of UBA banking that most customers are not aware of. UBA now actually allows all its customers to operate on zero account balance rule. This means that you can empty your account and UBA is cool with it.

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Well now you know more about UBA bank. Did we hear you just said thank you, well you are welcome. UBA is one of the best banks in Africa and you can open an account with them today and become part of the UBA bank family.


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