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See What Bithumb Is doing to enhance quick adoption of Bitcoin in Korea

Bithumb kiosk business

A Crypto exchange company known as Bithumb in Korea, is entering the retail kiosk busines. Bithumb is doing this in order to enhance speedily the adoption of CryptoCurrency in the country. 

These order-taking and payment facilitating kiosks will be placed in restaurants and cafes for customers to browse menus, place orders and pay for food. Cryptocurrency will be among the payment options.
This announcement was made by Bithumb on Wednesday, that it is introducing the “Touch B” brand and entering into the kiosk business. Describing a kiosk as an unmanned order and payment system, Yonhap elaborated: 

“The entry into the kiosk business is meaningful to provide substantial benefits and low-cost rents to small business owners,” Bithumb was quoted by Zdnet Korea. “We will continue to work in various industries based on the blockchain technology…to provide total solutions for small businesses through our partnership.”

Bithumb also plans for the kiosks to take cryptocurrency as one of the payment options. The exchange believes that the kiosk business will create a synergy among all of its offerings.
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